Master Key Systems

Does my business need a Master Key System?

…a Restricted Key System?

…or a Restricted Master Key System?

They sound very similar but the system you choose depends on how many keys are involved, and whether the keys should work all doors or just a few. Depending on your business a restricted key system prevents people from copying keys.

Restricted Master Key Systems offer the highest level of security and control with the ability to provide different levels of access to your staff, depending on their job function.

Prolock Mobile Locksmiths can install Master Key Systems from Gainsborough Hardware, Assa Abloy, Lockwood.

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Master Key Systems

With a Master Key System, one key works many locks – for example, within a holiday apartment building the manager’s key might work in all doors. You can also give certain people access to certain locks, but not others.

Restricted Key Systems

Restricted systems prevent unauthorized copying of keys. Blanks for Restricted Key Systems can only be sold to members of the Master Locksmiths Association of Australasia (MLAA). They cannot be copied at key cutting shops. MLAA members will not copy keys without a letter signed by an authorised signatory for your restricted system.

When a Restricted Key System is installed, we record and collect the signatures of staff authorised to request duplicate keys. Only staff from this list can request a key to be copied. Any requests will be recorded. It’s critical that when authorised staff leave, the signature records are updated.

Any business that provides keys to staff to open or close the premises should consider this option. If the staff member leaves, the business owner has security knowing that no unauthorised duplicate keys are floating around and access to your building is tightly controlled.

Restricted Master Key Systems

A Restricted Master Key System combines both systems. Like a Master Key System provides different levels of access to staff for certain locations, according to their job function, and other security concerns. And like a Restricted Key System, keys cannot be copied without approval. The table below gives an example of how it might work.

Master Key System

The system you choose will come down to how much control you want for key areas of your business. Both Master Key Systems and Restricted Master Key Systems allow you to set different access levels according to the seniority, job function and authority of your staff. This chart gives an example.